China Aluminum Die Casting Products Are Not Completed by Gravity  


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02/06/2020 10:35 pm  

Casting is a process of metal smelting, which usually uses the gravity of metal to cast in the mold. However, the "China Aluminum Die Casting Products" are not completed by gravity, but exert certain pressure. It's kind of like "injection molding." However, it has a set of core pulling and cooling systems with high technical content. Generally speaking, materials are delivered into the cavity to be cast and injected through a centralized inlet to form parts.

Aluminum suitable for die casting process is die casting aluminum, usually die casting aluminum alloy.

High-pressure and high-speed filling die casting aluminum mold are the two major characteristics of China aluminum die casting products. The specific pressure of injection is usually from thousands to tens of thousands of kPa, even as high as 2×105kPa. The filling speed is about 10~50m/s, sometimes even more than 100 m/s. The filling time is very short, generally in the range of 0.01~0.2s


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