Common Welding Methods for Aluminum Winding Wire  


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Next, I'll show you several ways to weld Aluminum Winding Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE). First, terminals can be crimped. Second, special aluminum welding wire and flux are used for welding. Finally, high-temperature aluminum flux is used for welding.

The common welding method for aluminum winding wire is to use special flux-cored wire to weld with an electric soldering iron. Usually, aluminum winding wire with a smaller diameter is welded with the bare aluminum welding wire, aluminum alloy welding wire, and copper wire. If this welding method is selected, the welding method for welding workpiece formation is better, with reliable quality and convenient operation.

Welding instructions: during welding, the welding head shall contact the welded body as much as possible, and the welding wire shall be sent to the welding head to melt the welding wire and complete the welding. this method can make the welding flux in the welding wire fully contact with the board surface and achieve the best welding effect. For the welding of aluminum winding wire and aluminum wires, the two wires are usually connected by twisting after painting, so the size of twisting directly affects the welding effect. The larger the twisting, the greater the amount of tin filling, the stronger the welding between the two wires. For the newly welded aluminum winding wire, don't be too impatient to pull by hand, need to be thoroughly cooled, and then check its reliability. For unused solder wire, we will use a lighter to burn the welding wire head into a ball shape to avoid the loss of liquid flux in the welding wire and affect the next welding.

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