Comprehensive Physical Properties Of China Die Casting Factory  


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There is no doubt that the quality of die-casting dies and castings in China Die Casting Factory is solid in both directions.

First of all, the product quality of die casting die is up to standard.

Zinc alloy die castings have high precision, fast delivery time, long service life and beautiful appearance. This die casting die is a category of abrasive tools. With the rapid development trend of automobile and motorcycle manufacturing industry in China, aluminum die casting manufacturing industry has entered the new situation of development trend. In addition, it also clearly puts forward higher regulations on the comprehensive physical properties and service life of die casting dies. Some increasing application performance requirements to be considered can't be considered only by using new mould materials. It is necessary to apply various key technologies of metal surface treatment to the metal surface treatment of die casting mould to achieve high efficiency, high precision and long service life of die casting mould.

Secondly, the quality of zinc alloy die castings is up to standard.

(1) appearance quality includes casting roughness, process performance, standard tolerance, dimensional tolerance and quality error, etc.

(2) The essential quality refers to the composition, physics and physical properties, alloy composition and porosity, impurities and cracks in zinc alloy die castings.

(3) Application quality refers to the characteristics of castings that can consider various application regulations and work, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance and drilling resistance, electric welding weldability, etc.


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