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Alloy materials belong to the category of metal materials. Compared with pure metal materials, alloy materials combine the characteristics of a variety of metal materials and have better service performance, and can reduce the use of some metal materials to a certain extent and save raw materials. Enameled copper clad aluminum wire has good electrical properties and is relatively widely used nowadays. Then the ECCA Manufacturer(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) will introduce its manufacturing method.

1. Pull the copper clad aluminum wire core 4 to 6 times.

2. paint that pulled wire core 10 to 13 time, and the painting steps are as follows: (1) Paint the wire core; (2) Putting the painted wire core into an annealing furnace for annealing; (3) Putting the annealed wire core into an oven for drying.

3. Take-up. The speed of take-up is required to be 51m/min.

4. Lower wall and package.

In the content of the above article, I introduced some methods of making enameled copper-clad aluminum wire in detail. Do you all know how to make enameled copper-clad aluminum wires now? The enameled copper-clad aluminum wire can be used instead of pure copper, thus saving the consumption of copper resources to a certain extent.

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