Electroplating method for avoiding corrosion of Copper Clad Aluminum Winding Wire  


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Copper Clad Aluminum Winding Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) is wired with aluminum core wires as the main body and a certain amount of copper layer coated on the outside. Because the main function of this kind of wire is to transmit signals, the current flowing through it is very small. However, since the conductivity of aluminum is only 2/3 of that of copper, the national standard stipulates that it is necessary to use non-metal plated or metal-plated annealed copper wire as conductor for any wire or cable used for power transmission, and aluminum wire is prohibited as a conductor.

Copper and aluminum in copper clad aluminum winding wire are two metals with different electrode potentials. Copper and aluminum are exposed in the atmosphere on its end face. If the humidity in the atmosphere is high, the end face absorbs fine water molecules and accumulates into fine water droplets. Because there are coal-burning products or exhaust gases from many motor vehicles in the atmosphere, which are rich in SO2. SO2 is oxidized to SO3 in air and dissolved in small water droplets to form H2SO4 which corrodes the battery in acid solution, and then becomes electrolyte solution to corrode the battery. In this corroded battery, aluminum is corroded because of its low electrode potential. Even if a piece of metal is placed in an electrolyte solution without touching other metals, corrosion cells similar to the above will occur. For example, copper is often rich in a few impurities, and the potential of the impurities is usually higher than that of copper. When acidic water droplets exist on the surface of copper, the battery is formed, causing copper to suffer corrosion.

In order to avoid electrochemical corrosion of copper clad aluminum winding wire ends, the best method is to isolate the ends from the atmosphere and avoid corrosion of copper clad aluminum winding wire. Currently, two methods can be adopted:

1. Electroplating method to avoid corrosion of copper clad aluminum winding wires: plating a layer of copper on the butt joint of copper clad aluminum winding wires, but it takes too long (40 minutes). However, it is not a big problem to apply it in companies that produce copper clad aluminum winding wires, because many joints can be electroplated together. It is very difficult to plate copper on the surface of the aluminum.

2. The way to avoid corrosion of copper clad aluminum winding wires is to apply copper colored quick-drying paint: dry in less than two minutes, and the color is appropriate to copper. This is very convenient for users who use copper clad aluminum winding wire. Because the user can cut the wiring at any position, the broken end must be exposed in the air. In order to avoid electrochemical corrosion after long exposure, quick-drying paint can be applied to the end immediately. Copper and aluminum in the cross-section of copper clad aluminum winding wire are directly touched together. If electrolyte exists on the outer surface, electrochemical corrosion will occur. If the copper clad aluminum winding wire is placed indoors for a long time, electrochemical corrosion will not occur if the indoor humidity is not high. If it is exposed outdoors, the corrosion appearance will not be too severe if the corrosion object covers its end, but significant corrosion appearance will occur under the condition of frequent water.

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