Ensure The Quality Of Enameled Wire  


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04/06/2020 11:46 pm  

In fact, the purpose of Enameled Wire annealing is to make the conductor hardened due to lattice change in the drawing process of the mould undergo a certain temperature heating, and then make the molecular lattice rearrange to restore a softness required by the process, and at the same time remove some lubricant, oil stain, etc. remaining on the conductor surface in the drawing process, so that the conductor can be easily painted, thus ensuring the quality of enameled wire.

What is more important is to ensure that the enameled wire has appropriate softness and elongation during its use as a winding, and at the same time it can also help to improve its conductivity. The greater the deformation of its conductor, the lower its elongation and the higher its tensile strength.


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