Furniture Mould Maintains The Relatively Good Orientation  


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At present, there are few branches of metal processing that are as dynamic as mould making. Therefore, it is essential for any Furniture Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) factory to continuously seek the latest technology and innovative ideas. Here are some technological developments that are conducive to creating opportunities or providing a leading position for furniture mould processing.

The core and cavity of furniture mould are combined into one part and processed in parallel on the multi-task machine. Using a flexible inclined milling spindle (axis B) and a reverse turning spindle (axis C), the cooling holes on the four sides and the back of the rectangular workpiece are milled. The core and cavity parts are machined while the workpiece is still integrated. By coordinating the rotation of the turning spindle and the inclination of the milling spindle, optimizing the orientation of the tool can improve the surface roughness and the life of the tool. The workpiece can also be periodically reversed to facilitate chip dumping.

Then the core and cavity are separated, and each part is still firmly clamped on the reverse turning spindle. Plane milling is carried out on two newly exposed sides of the two parts respectively, and cooling holes on the two parts of the furniture mould are all drilled in one clamping.

Compared with traditional processing, this method greatly reduces the number of clamping times and procedures. Since the two parts of the furniture mould maintain excellent orientation with respect to each other until they are separated, the accuracy is also improved.

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