How Should We Deal With The Deformation of Furniture Mould  


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Furniture Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) is an important tool for producing plastic products. It can give plastic products a complete configuration and accurate size. If the furniture mould is deformed, it will directly affect the quality of plastic products, so we all need to pay attention to the deformation of furniture mould. So, how should we deal with the deformation of furniture mould?

1. In order to reduce the deformation of furniture mould, the heat treatment department should jointly study with the furniture mould design department to improve the design of furniture mould, such as avoiding furniture mould structures with greatly different cross-sectional sizes as much as possible, striving for symmetrical shapes of furniture mould, splicing structures for complex furniture mould, etc.

2. When the shape of furniture mould cannot be changed, some other measures can be taken to reduce the deformation. The overall consideration of these measures is to improve cooling conditions so that all parts can be cooled evenly. In addition, various coercive measures can be assisted to limit quenching deformation of parts.

3. The deformation of asymmetrical furniture mould is also the result of the combined action of thermal stress and tissue stress. For example, for furniture mould with thin walls and thin edges, the thermal stress is small because the mould wall is thin and the temperature difference between inside and outside is small during quenching. However, it is easy to harden and the tissue stress is large, so the deformation tends to swell the cavity.

4. For symmetrical furniture mould, the deformation tendency can be considered according to the cavity size, external dimension, and height.

When the wall of furniture mould is thin and its height is small, it is easier to harden through, which may be the main effect of tissue stress. Therefore, the cavity tends to swell. On the other hand, if the wall thickness and height are large, it is not easy to harden. At this time, thermal stress may play a major role. Therefore, the cavity tends to shrink.

In the production practice, the specific shape of the parts, the steel grade, and heat treatment process should also be considered, and experience should be continuously summed up through practice. Due to the fact that in actual production, the external dimensions of furniture mould are often not the main working dimensions, and the deformation can also be corrected by grinding, etc.

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