Nylon Fabric Manufacturers Have Appropriate Compatibility  


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To toughen nylon fabric, nylon fabric manufacturers(WANSHIYITEX) tell you to meet three conditions:

1. Nylon and toughened nylon form a two-phase structure, but they should also have appropriate compatibility to ensure excellent adhesion between the two phases.

2. Nylon addition should reach a certain number of parts.

3. The molecular chain flexibility of nylon is lower, which means lower Tg is needed, especially the lower Tg of nylon when toughened at low temperature, the better the toughness at low temperature.

The primary way to toughen nylon is to use nylon (TPE) as dispersed phase and nylon as a matrix for blending toughening, which can greatly improve the impact strength of nylon.

Since pure nylon is non-polar data and nylon (such as PA and PBT) is polar data, the two are incompatible, and pure nylon cannot effectively toughen nylon, POE is required to form POE graft through graft modification. The grafted functional group can react with the end group of the base material and then provide certain compatibility, so that the two phases have good adhesion, and then the base material toughened nylon can greatly improve impact strength. For example, the MAH of CMG5805-L(POE-g-MAH) can react with the terminal amine group of nylon, which can effectively toughen PA. When 5805-L is added by a certain amount, ultra-tough data are formed.

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