Nylon Fabric Manufacturers Introduce Manufacturing Principles  


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The following is the introduction of nylon fabric manufacturers to the application scope of nylon fabric.

1. Nylon cloth is suitable for direct inkjet printing by an inkjet printer (commonly known as a large inkjet printer) and outdoor photo printer.

2. Reflective nylon cloth is suitable for solvent-based ink (commonly known as oily ink).

3. Please do not ship the user's in-house photo machine and water-based inkjet printing.

4. Nylon cloth can reflect light when it is painted with common solvent-based ink. For example, the reflective effect can be enhanced when the ink with precise processing is selected.

5. According to the crystal lattice with different thickness, please raise the height of the nozzle appropriately to avoid touching the nozzle.

6. When using the inkjet printer equipped with heating and drying equipment, please appropriately lower the heating temperature and the amount of ink to be sprayed to avoid abnormal phenomena such as bubbles. (Bubble phenomenon does not affect reflection and picture effect).

7. After spray painting, please dry it a little before manufacturing. The drying time depends on the amount of colouring, spray painting precision and environmental humidity. The greater the amount of colouring, the higher the precision of spray paint, and the greater the environmental humidity, the longer the drying time required.

8. Please make sure that the crystal colour is clean and free of impurities before spraying.

9. Please do not contact directly with your hands after spray painting to avoid leaving marks.

10. In the process of nylon cloth spray paint, please pay attention to the possible displacement and deviation phenomena. Please use manual monitoring and adjustment for the application skills of reflective spray painting cloth.

Nylon cloth can be divided into two types, one is traditional nylon cloth, and the other is reflective inkjet cloth, which is also called a crystal lattice. It is a new type of inkjet reflective material introduced in 2005. The manufacturing principle of nylon cloth is as follows: glass beads with high refractive index are coated or coated on the surface of cloth base so that ordinary cloth can reflect light under the irradiation of light. Mainly used for products related to road traffic safety, it is widely used in reflective clothing, all kinds of professional clothing, work clothes, fashion, shoes and hats, gloves, backpacks, personal protective articles, outdoor articles, etc. It can also be made into various reflective products, reflective pyrography, ornaments, etc.

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