Oxidize Copper Winding Wire And Affect Its Performance  


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How to remove paint from the Copper Winding Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) is generally divided into the following three methods according to different conditions, equipment and requirements.

1. For ordinary thin wires, tin can be directly applied on a soldering iron at 400 degrees Celsius. For thick wire, we don't recommend the method of baking by fire, which will make the copper winding wire oxidized and affect its properties. Even if it is finished reluctantly in time, some air holes will be found on the surface of the upper tin.

2. We can also apply rosin to the broken ends of copper winding wire and put the cross-section into a soldering iron to melt in. The cross-section has no paint, so tin will be applied quickly. The surrounding of the cross-section will be stripped of paint and tin will be applied without attachment force as the temperature increases. We just need to control the temperature.

3. The third method is to use paint. Professionally qualified paint does not cause any damage or corrosion to the metal. It can quickly make the paint on the surface of copper winding wire, and the removed paint becomes lumpy, without adverse consequences or residues on the surface of copper winding wire. After paint removal, the core wire has excellent weldability and is now processed in batches in many industrial manufacturing sites by this method. Now, it has largely replaced the old method of scraping fire with a knife, and the cost and effect are also greatly improved.

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