Points for Attention in the Manufacturing Process of Dustbin Mould  


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1. The steel used in the manufacture of Dustbin Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) parts shall be wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, with small deformation and certain toughness in a high-temperature environment.

2. All parts in the dustbin mould are assembled in the mould body. The cavity working surface of the melt flow channel formed shall be smooth, level and free from material stagnation. If necessary, a hard chrome layer shall be plated on the surface.

3. When the parts in the dustbin mould are disassembled and the sticky materials are cleaned, it is not allowed to knock the working face with a hammer, and it is not allowed to clean the residual materials stuck on the working face with a scraper, and there are no scratches and burrs on the working face.

4. Pay attention to the process temperature control of all parts in the dustbin mould to meet the requirements of the tube blank forming process, and the mandrel in the large-size tube forming mould to have a heating temperature control device.

5. The centerline of each part in the dustbin mould shall coincide with the centerline of the mould body and the screw after assembly.

6. When the formed dustbin mould is not used for a long time, all parts shall be cleaned up, coated with antirust oil, and sealed at the inlet and outlet for storage after assembly. Heavy objects are not allowed on the stored mould body to prevent the mould from deforming.

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