Pursuing The Beauty Of Chair Mould Appearance  


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23/06/2020 11:50 pm  

Painting the exterior of the Chair Mould product can ensure the brightness of the product. Because plastic products themselves are difficult to reflect light. Therefore, the plastic parts look darker, and if the leather lines on the outer surface of the plastic parts are added, it will be even darker. Therefore, some customers will spray a layer of paint on the surface of plastic parts when looking for beautiful appearance. This ensures the brightness of the product.

Painting the exterior of plastic products can reduce the voiding rate of plastic products. The voiding rate of white plastic products has always been a headache for the injection moulding profession. If the paint is painted on the exterior, the defects of the products will be covered up and the voiding rate of the products will be reduced.

Therefore, it is very useful to spray paint on the surface of plastic parts with requirements. However, there is another process for injection moulding when painting. The cost will increase.


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