Reasons for White Top in Crate Mould  


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17/12/2019 10:37 pm  

During the moulding of the Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD), there is a problem that often troubles the producers, that is, the top of the injection moulded parts will appear white. If this happens, is this crate mould unusable?

This depends on whether the plastic casing is the whole process of the oil pump with the incident. Assuming that the plastic casing must be dripped with oil, the plastic casing can still be applied because the milky white part at the top can be covered during the dripping period. On the contrary, if you don't need to inject oil, you are basically treated as a defective product.

What is the reason for the top white of the crate mould and how to eliminate it? The main manifestation of the white top of the crate mould is that there is obvious whitening phenomenon on the surface of the plastic parts, i.e. frost-like micro cracks.

The causes of defects and their elimination methods: white top, also known as a white top. The top white is mainly caused by excessive stress at the top white. The chemical resistance and mechanical properties of the plastic parts at the top white are greatly weakened.

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