Resulting in Insufficient Turnover in Lightweight Nylon Fabric's Overall Market  


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30/12/2019 3:06 am  

In the recent market, the overall market turnover of various kinds of lightweight nylon fabric(WANSHIYITEX) in summer has dropped sharply, with prices basically stable and some still falling slightly. The transactions of lightweight nylon fabric are mainly made in small batches. Some large-scale outlets with large spot market volumes are mainly made in small and medium batches. Some front-store and back-store factory-type cloth companies and major professional operators have made transactions in large batches. The overall market turnover of all kinds of medium and lightweight nylon fabric decreased slightly compared with the previous period, and the prices were basically stable, with some still falling slightly.

Over the past few days, although the spot sale of lightweight nylon fabric still has a low price, due to the insufficient startup rate of weaving factories, the output of grey fabric has dropped and the price is basically stable, with some still falling slightly. Lightweight nylon fabric varieties have increased in some large-scale retail outlets, while targeted varieties in some large-scale retail outlets have attracted large quantities of intended orders or batch orders from their counterparts. As the turnover of lightweight nylon fabric declined, the overall market turnover of fabrics in autumn was limited, resulting in an insufficient turnover in the overall market.

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