The Emergence of Lightweight Fabric Has Rapidly Expanded Its Market Share  


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23/12/2019 2:06 am  

The Lightweight Fabric(WANSHIYITEX) is a representative fashion trend for women's wear. There are many advantages in choosing lightweight fabrics in clothing products, and their fashion features are very obvious.

Judging from the market sales, although the sales volume of high-count cotton fabric, artificial cotton fabric and polyester imitation silk are very large, its huge production capacity results in little room for growth, excess production capacity and even shrinkage. Flax and silk fabrics occupy the field of high-grade clothing fabrics. The production and sales are stable and the explosion method is small. Today's mainstream market breaks through bright spots. Light fabrics are the first choice for the following clothing fabrics!

The emergence of lightweight fabric has rapidly expanded its market share. Lightweight fabric is characterized by softness, elegance, comfort and environmental protection, which are closer to the quality requirements and quality of life of modern people in pursuit of ecological health and green life. Farewell to inferior fabrics is a big trend in the fashion industry. Lightweight fabric represent quality, taste and fashion. It will definitely replace the traditional thin Tencel fabric and inferior chemical fiber fabric and enter the fashion stage and face the whole world.

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