The Sequence Of Crate Mould Assembly Drawings  


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24/03/2020 10:00 pm  

The sequence of drawing parts from the general assembly drawing of the Crate Mould should be: first inside than outside, the first complex than simple, first forming parts, then structural parts.

1. Graphic requirements: It must be drawn to scale and allowed to be enlarged or reduced. The view selection is reasonable, the projection is correct, and the layout is proper. In order to make the processing patent number easy to understand and easy to assemble, the graphics should be as consistent as possible with the assembly drawing, and the graphics should be clear.

2. Dimensions shall be unified, centralized, orderly and complete. The order of dimensions is: the first mark the main part dimensions and the draft angle, then mark the matching dimensions and then mark all dimensions. On the non-main part drawing, the matching dimension shall be marked first, and then all dimensions shall be marked.

3. Surface roughness. Mark the applied roughness on the upper right corner of the drawing, and mark other roughness symbols on each surface of the part.

4. Other contents, such as part name, mould drawing number, material brand, heat treatment and hardness requirements, surface treatment, figure proportion, machining accuracy of free size, technical description, etc. shall be filled in correctly.

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