Welding with High-temperature Aluminum Flux for Aluminum Winding Wire  


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What are the welding methods for Aluminum Winding Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE)? First, the terminals can be crimped, secondly, special aluminum welding wire and flux are used for welding, and finally, high-temperature aluminum flux is used for welding.

The welding method commonly used for aluminum winding wire welding is special flux-welded iron welding, usually aluminum wire with Suu diameter is welded with bare aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy and copper wire. Select this welding method, and the welding method has good workpiece formation, reliable quality and convenient operation.

Welding instructions: during welding, the welding head should be in contact with the welding body as much as possible, and the welding wire should be sent to the welding head to melt the welding wire and complete the welding. this method can make the flux in the welding wire fully contact with the surface to achieve the best welding effect. For the welding of aluminum wire and aluminum wire, the two steel wires are twisted with twisted wires, and the twisting is directly affected by the twisted wires. The bigger the twist, the bigger the size of the big twist and the stronger the welding. For the newly welded welding wire, do not pull the wire too fast, need to cool completely and test its reliability. For unused welding wire, we use lighter to burn the welding wire head to avoid the loss of liquid flux in the welding wire and affect the next welding.

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