What glue is used when making acrylic products?  


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05/08/2020 10:58 pm  

When the acrylic product is made, glue is generally used. Since acrylic is soluble in chloroform, the mutual bonding between plexiglass does not require other adhesives, just use a small syringe (usually 5ml) to suck A small amount of chloroform liquid, gently and evenly squeeze the chloroform onto the surface of the plexiglass to be bonded, and immediately press the bonding area tightly. After the liquid evaporates, the plexiglass will be bonded.

Reminder: Please pay attention to the proper amount of chloroform here. If it is too small, the bonding area is too small and not strong; if it is too much, it will flow to other surfaces, leaving stains, affecting the appearance, and deforming the material. It will also affect the quality, and if you want to increase the area of the joint, you can sprinkle some plexiglass powder (the powder collected when you file the plexiglass) around it, and then drop in chloroform.


In addition, chloroform is a toxic chemical, so you can't handle it if you have a wound on your hands, so as not to penetrate the body from the wound.

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