Edgar Allan Poe and Marian Aesthetics

The painting to the right is “The Holy Family” (1647) by Tobias Pock. It The Holy Familycurrently resides at the Poe Museum. However, at one point, it could be found hanging in the home of the Allans in Virginia. In my article, “The Marian Aesthetics of Edgar Allan Poe,” published in the Edgar Allan Poe Review, I made the argument that this painting had more to offer than a beautiful portrait of the Holy Family: it tells us something about the religious sensibilities of the Allan family, Marian sensibilities.

Ultimately, I put forth a discussion that we need to consider Poe’s early Church of England Anglicanism when we consider his relationship to Christianity, not the Protestant Episcopalian vision he found in Virginia. Even though I discuss the differences between the two denominations, there is still much to discuss–especially in relation to Poe.

Therefore, I would like to begin a book project that discusses how Poe’s Anglicanism influenced his penning of female characters. I will be drawing on some information from my article and adding a lot more.

This project excites me, and I’m looking forward to working on it.